Aurora CBD – Indica

Our Aurora CBD has a higher level of myrcene, making this herbal-scented strain a popular choice for relieving muscle pain and tension. Nugg of Knowledge customers enjoy the mellow “sweet and spicy” flavor that comes from the peppery notes of the caryophyllene terpenes.
The elaborate bouquet from this unique Indica strain only adds to the pleasant effect that you may be seeking out after a long day at the office, or before going out for an enjoyable night with friends.
Many enjoy Aurora as a way to slow things down a bit and really enjoy the moment - and we think you will, too.


CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s non-psychoactive, meaning that it does not produce a “high” or mind-altering effect. There is a lot of research going on right now to find out about the many benefits CBD may have.


The cannabis plant has many cannabinoids, and the amount of each cannabinoid can vary depending on the genetics of the plant. Indica strains are a staple among cannabis connoisseurs, typically associated with full-body effects, providing a relaxing high without overwhelming your senses.*

Clean Indoor Grown

This cannabis flower is grown completely indoor, free from pesticides and other problems that plague outdoor farmers. Indoor grown hemp means this flower smokes smoother, tastes better, and doesn’t have any health risks associated with chemicals meant to kill.

Certificate of Analysis

All of our products contain less than .3% of THC delta 9, and we have the labs to prove it!

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