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We aren't jumping on the new "Green Rush", you are helping us end the drug war with every order.

The consumption of hemp and cannabis is a human right and should be recognized around the world.

Corporate cannabis companies do not support the reduction of taxes or licenses. This creates a barrier of entry to prevent small businesses from getting involved.

The result? Higher cost for the consumer, even if it's needed for medicinal purposes.

We also fight to release non-violent prisoners who have been convicted for nothing more than consuming a plant. Many states that have already legalized cannabis have not released these prisoners.

Join the Nugg of Knowlege family to be a champion of change and bring more justice and freedom into this world. 

Nuggs & Huggs

Sometimes cost places these natural products out of reach, so we have created a
compassionate charity program for veterans and people with disabilities, who have
difficulty obtaining these natural products.
If you fit this description, please fill out an application.

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We Fight for Your Rights.

Proceeds from every sale go to help activist organizations fight to end the drug war and reform criminal justice. Even now that cannabis is legal in some states, profiteers are fighting to keep monopolies on cannabis production and distribution with high taxes and licensing fees, and people are still going to jail for confusing possession laws.

We refuse to join their ranks. We would rather live in a just world than to profit from criminal economics. That is why we are committed to helping freedom oriented organizations like those below. Organizations we contribute to do not necessarily endorse our business, but we absolutely support them.

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