Uplifting Lemon – Delta 8 Sativa

We only used delta-8 and natural terpenes. These vape cartridges are 100% free from VG, VA or PG.



THC Delta-8

As the cannabis industry grows more advanced, the products become more diverse. While THC Delta-9 is the common variant of THC associated with cannabis, THC Delta-8 is similar, but completely legal in all 50 states. Many claim that THC Delta-8 delivers some of the euphoric effects, but to a lesser degree than Delta-9 THC.


The cannabis plant has many cannabinoids, and the amount of each cannabinoid can vary depending on the genetics of the plant. Known for its many impactful effects, Sativa is an energizing, uplifting, motivating plant. It can inspire thought and creativity.*

Chemical Free

As vapes have become popular, many manufacturers have looked to alternative agents to mix their cannabis extracts to make vape cartridges. Many of these agents have proven to be toxic and pose serious health risks. These vape cartridges are 100% free from VG, VA or PG.

Certificate of Analysis

All of our products contain less than .3% of THC delta 9, and we have the labs to prove it!

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