About Us

Learn about what goes on behind the scenes at Nugg of Knowledge.


Here at The Nugg of Knowledge, advocating for clean viable health solutions is our highest goal, and helping our producers generate an honest income is our second initiative. Without caring product providers and distributors it can be hard to trust your cannabis. That is why we want them to thrive. Those who care about their products produce better quality products.

We source only the finest legal and lab tested cannabis products. We seek to grow the honest, clean living side of the industry while providing those passionate about cannabis advocacy a means of generating their own supplemental income. Our products are lab tested to be free of molds, heavy metals, pesticides and other unwanted chemicals.

Helping our community earn an honest income is another part of the Nugg of Knowledge initiative. Our affiliates pay nothing to participate and have the opportunity to generate income while advocating for cannabis freedom. At the same time our compassionate use program, Nuggs and Hugs, seeks to provide veterans, those with disabilities and others who cannot afford their cannabis with what they need to thrive. Compassion and advocacy is what we are all about.